Monday, May 25, 2009

A Hot Sexy Exotic Lingerie Boots

A hot sexy exotic lingerie must be great if you are wearing some accessories such as high boot. Giving your partner some fantasy to dream with :D

A 8 inch heel ballerina boots by Karos shoes. Comes in black wood / black patent may perfect to wear with any color.

or you may choose 6 inch Red Flame Knee High boots with a Jacky Platform.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sultry Bride Baby Doll Costume

G World presents our lavished sheer flyaway which a gorgeous hot bride. Delicates rosebuds adorned the cups and veil. Includes gloves, veil, thong. Head band not included. Comes in one size.

Imagine standing there in front of your man with this beautiful and sexy bride baby doll costume on. White is the neutral color of sexiness, and the costume is what will help enhance how sexy you are! If you want to get his blood flowing, this is the costume to wear!

Special offer:
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Lace Up Thigh High

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Shopping for Exotic Lingerie

Lingerie exotic is often characterized by sexy design to cut and form of underwear. They serve not only as a pure, or underwear for women. Instead, but also Aesthetic goals. They were the first choices in lingerie for honeymoons.

No matter what size, weight, skin tone or hair color like, with bizarre lingerie in the market, perfect for your feature. You only need to know the rules and they work for you in choosing your own lingerie bizarre.

First, if you are not attempting a unique color, you can always red, black or white exotic lingerie. The fact that the most bizarre lingerie comes in these colors mean that they are safe to color clothes. When it comes to material, you can choose, lace, satin, silk, PVC, pure eyes, velvet and leather.

The most important things to note that the selection of lingerie exotic is emphasize your property. It's also a way of masking body imperfections. For example, if you have large Hips, to the wearing lingerie peculiarly fitted to the waist. Instead, go for people who want a straight cut. You can also identify prevention and Bustiers waist cinch, because it is mainly around the waist area.

Another example is if you have a potbelly. Also do not use the bizarre underwear abdominal area. Mask it with your eyes on your Hips, breasts or bottom. Use exotic with lingerie fancy designs such as belts.

If the level is a challenge for you, you can use some style to create Illusions. For example, if you suddenly talk of lingerie from abroad is too long. Instead, go for clothes, the slot in leg area. Such a design may be higher. The same effect is a short baby-doll.

If you are high, cut by entering the amount lingerie exotic with a tie or tie around the waist. You can change the amount of work for you by choosing clothes or robes, short length, with long legs.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Bra Size - How To Measure Your Bust

How To Pick Out Lingerie For Your Lady

How to Role Play with Lingerie

How to Role Play with Lingerie -- powered by

Chosen lingerie could be lots of fun. For instance you can be anybody you want to be. If you want to be a little diva and wear something black and 2 piece and really skimpy you can do that. If you want to be a little baby doll and get into something pink and really girly looking you can be pink for the day.

So when your choosing your lingerie it could be your own personality that you want to bring out or you it could be the personality the person that you always wanted to be. So choosing lingerie not only could be with the color that you choose but with the style that you chose as well. You can do black leather, you can do pink puff, you can do red, you can do any color that makes you feel like the woman that you are or the women that you want to be. So the next time you are choosing lingerie you might want to go for something any a color that you have never tried before.

How to Buy Lingerie For Your Body Type

How to Buy Lingerie For Your Body Type -- powered by

When purchasing lingerie you want to make sure that you absolutely have comfortable fit and the right size. The first thing that I would suggest would be measure your lingerie by your bra size. In other words if you are a small busted women you would like to get a piece of lingerie that has a under wire or some padding in it cause that would enhance the size of your breast. It would make you look even sexier.

If you are a larger size women you can go with a different type of style. Something that has a big of elastic in it and lot so a stretch yet it kept you firm. It kept you looking like you have a bra on underneath it. Both of these pieces are a fine example of what you would buy if you where a smaller size women. Here we have the under wire and the pads and the adjustable straps. For the larger size women here we have piece that does not have the bra inside of it which gives you lots and lots of room. But has a lot of stretch in it. So when buying your lingerie make sure that you have something that really fits your size particularly your bra size.